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A Bat in Jump City (First Event Announcement)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:48 pm by Vigilante


Various eyewitnesses last night experienced telepathic messages from the web mainframe announcing the re-opening of the Titans Tower. Rumors have it that the internet vigilante known as Athena and the crime-fighter batman are behind this communication. The honorable HIVE Mayor Baran Flinnders has been contacted on this issue and will release a statement to the press sometimes today!

This is reporter Ned Black keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in this developing story.

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Common Abilities Rules

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Common Abilities Rules Empty Common Abilities Rules

Post by Vigilante on Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:57 pm

Hello everyone,

Zanna and I have been discussing a few changes that will help clarify and balance some of the super hero fights and strength measuring that will inevitably happen as the action picks up. There are seven 'common' abilities that I would like to mention in this topic, but if there are any other we come up with we'll reply and let you know. This is important for both current and new members so please update your application as you see fit once you have read this. I call these abilities 'common' because they are the most used and/or well-known abilities in superhero fiction.

First off, it must be clarified that if you choose to have a superpower can only start with one overall power. The possibilities of that power can be expanded upon in the application, but it must be clear that there is some kind of connection between those sub-powers and the main theme of your character. We can't have a Flash-type learn magic or anything like that, although he can improve upon his abilities.

Non-meta abilities:

If you are planning on creating a non-meta, or a meta with a mixture of Batman and meta qualities there are four abilities that you will probably choose from. Each of these individually count as a 'power' on this RP so choose wisely. Although these are theoretically attainable by anyone, the amount of time it will take to meticulously gain them will far exceed upgrades to a superpower or a non meta ability you already have. These are vastly different from the 'skills' section of the application.

If, for example, you are an 'expert martial artist' in your skills section, this will only be subjective in comparison to the official 'Master Martial Artist' power. This could mean anything from having a black belt from when you were 8 years old at the YMCA to being a seasoned bodyguard with years of experience behind you. Anything in the skills section that resembles the main non-superhero abilities will only be left up to interpretation for how good they actually are. So without further ado, here is what I'm talking about.

Peak Intellect/Genius : This ability allows a character to create and/or analyze technology without the need of an application for said technology. There must be at least three good posts of preparation before use of gadgets and, if they have a set amount, it must be taken into consideration and written out in-game for the sake of realism.

Peak Conditioning: This ability puts your character at beyond Olympic-level athleticism. This allows your character to have an indefinite amount of stamina as long as they are not hurt or disabled in any way. This also makes your character able to handle the strength and physical stats of any opponent at or below their level without some sort of compensation via weapon or trick. Finally, your character will be allowed one 'limit break' move per in-game day. This is a showcase move where your character can practically go beyond human limits and do something impossible (usually through adrenaline). It's a cool way to show off or get your character out of a tight situation but use it wisely.

Master Acrobat: This ability allows a character to clear any obstacle course, environment, or aim-dodge (dodging by dodging the aim) of any weapons provided a post of mental preparation and as long as these things do not require super powers to clear. In this case, detailed writing will avoid any controversy or complaints from other users about impossible feats. Just think to yourself, can Nightwing do this?

Martial Arts Mastery: This ability allows a character to have perfect form and understanding in their martial arts skills. This allows for three moves in one post as opposed to the usual one. This also allows for an 'interruption' which is a defensive force play move that allows a character to properly defend against any human attack coming their way. This can only be done once every four posts in a battle, so be careful of any follow-up attacks. Also, try to give a detailed description so the opponent won't complain too much about realism.

Although it is possible for metas/non-metas to eventually gain or add non-meta abilities, it will take a significant amount of practice and work to reach that level that will vastly exceed the amount of time taken to upgrade a meta power once.

Meta Abilities:

Super-Strength: In this RP you do not need to specify the amount of tons your character can hit or lift with. Simply give their best current possible feat. The more detailed you are in how they can use their strength, the more options you will have in battle. It's all up to you. Also, invulnerability and/or toughness can be given free of charge as long as there is a notable and substantial weakness attached.

Magic Users: With this ability one is capable of making spells. The proficiency of magic users is all this category addresses in the application. The rest of the work will go into spells which each require an application and a set amount of practice before being placed in the application. You can not use spells that have not been previously submitted to moderators and then mastered by practice with your character.

Super-genius/Enhanced Intellect: This might be a bit confused with Peak Intelligence. The distinction, however, is that one is at human limitations while the other is beyond them. In order to clarify this, if a character has this power they must clarify what this intellect can specifically do/give them insight in some way. There must be a specialty science or talent of that intellect that allows them to do things that normally can not be done or are near impossible to replicate. The moderators will let you know if your feats are impressive enough to be considered that of super-intellect or it's back to the drawing board. If you do get this power accepted, you will be able to only do things that your application specifies and it will not necessarily give you access to all sciences and technologies or all kinds of intellect. Technologies that do not fall under the character specialty must be submitted to the appropriate section.

That's all for now guys. If you have any questions pm me or Zanna!


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Common Abilities Rules Empty Re: Common Abilities Rules

Post by Zanna on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:08 am

Rejected and Postponed.

This is not set in stone right now. We would love your feedback on anything. Again, I know the site is still going underway and we have a loooong way to go. Please any feedback would be wonderful.

If you wouldn't mind, please read the letter above, let ME know, through PM, what you like and dont like so we can make accommodated changes, or completely scratch this IDEA completely.

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