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A Bat in Jump City (First Event Announcement)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:48 pm by Vigilante


Various eyewitnesses last night experienced telepathic messages from the web mainframe announcing the re-opening of the Titans Tower. Rumors have it that the internet vigilante known as Athena and the crime-fighter batman are behind this communication. The honorable HIVE Mayor Baran Flinnders has been contacted on this issue and will release a statement to the press sometimes today!

This is reporter Ned Black keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in this developing story.

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Keri Pierce

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Keri Pierce  Empty Keri Pierce

Post by Zanna on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:54 pm

Keri Kay Pierce

Keri Pierce  Blondes%20flowers%20tears%20crying%20anime%20girls%20hair%20ornaments%201600x1200%20wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_8


Full Name: Keri Kay Pierce
Nickname(s): Kay/ etc.
Codename: Zuciya {pronounced: Zoo-Chi-Ya}
Age: 16
Classification: Meta - Human
Affiliation: Good


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue with flecks of Green towards her pupil
Gender Female
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 92 lbs
Other Traits:
+ She has fair skin that can easily get red and potentially burn if she is in the sun for too long. She is often seen wearing a sunhat, or holding an umbrella because of this. During missions, or being in disguise, Keri will be wearing her hooded cape. Keri is fairly petite and appears to be fragile, but she can manage herself quite well. Despite her flawless skin and facial features, Keri has a small, about quarter size, mark of a cresent moon on her right side, below her armpit.


+ Telekinesis: Keri has had the power to manipulate objects with her mind ever since she was around the age of five. Regardless of living with her powers for eleven years, she is still on the basic skills, not yet reaching her full potential because she has not yet received full and proper training.

+Spatial sense: to “see” one’s surroundings using telekinesis, e.g. sensing a target from a distance.
--This ability has not been fully mastered and can be flawed up to 30% of the time

+Force Fields: to create shields/ barriers using telekinesis, e.g. deflecting bullets
--This ability has not been fully mastered and although she can deflect bullets, she cannot deflect missiles, or big explosives. She can only use force fields up to 20 minutes at a time before it fades and she has to rest about 10 minutes before she can make a force field again. Force wise, the field can only handle about a couple of tones because Keri is not physically strong enough to withhold the backlash of the force.  

Skills: Even though Keri has psychological powers, she possess many skills that help her in everyday life, such as basic chores, sewing, and cooking. Keri can also play the piano and violin as well as paint and draw. She has played the piano and violin ever since she was little, and because she has no physical skills from her weak body, she mainly spends her free time indoors.

*Weaknesses* (have to have at least one main weakness) :
+ Regardless of her self-training and meditation, because Keri’s physical body is weaker than her mind and the muscles in her arms and legs are not up to par yet, it can be quite dangerous for her to get hit during battle.

+ Another weakness includes her moral judgement and mainly putting her heart and emotions before her mind and logic. In hindsight, this can blur her judgement and decision making, especially on missions.

+ Because Keri's powers was induced via drug enhancement, someone in the world would be able to make a drug to take away her powers momentarily. Something along similar lines of Superman and Kryptonite.

Weapons/ Equipment:
Any physical object, under 15,000 pounds, within 100 feet circumference of Keri is fair game.
**This can vary depending on her physical and mental state**


Personality: Keri is generally a shy person because she has always been sheltered by her dad after the incident from when she was around the age of five. On top of all that, she attended a private school in Jump City. She didn’t have many friends, but she would open up to those who were close to her. Around those that she was comfortable with, Keri would put down her walls and would try to enjoy herself and those around her. Other than being shy, Keri has near perfect etiquette and is very polite to others, regardless of her judgement of them. She is also very calm, most of the times, but there are times where her emotions get the best of her, and she begins to panic and lose her composure. However, do not let her quiet demeanor fool you, Keri does have a high tolerance to others and their actions, but there are times where enough is enough, and she has to put her foot down. Other than that, she can be a very likeable person, if you learn how to handle her.

Strengths: Since Keri spends most of her days inside and is mainly by herself, she is mainly reading or doing something productive. Therefore, she is very observant and makes very good grades in school.

Interests/Habits: Keri has many small nervous habits, such as twirling her hair and fiddling with the hems of her clothes and fingers, especially when she is in front of a lot of people. On the other hand, Keri is interested in observing others, because she wanting to learn from them, striving to live as much of a normal life as she can.


Family Members:
Father: David Pierce
Mother: Marissa Pierce (dead)
Little Brother: Kyle Pierce

Place of Origin: Star City


On a warm autumn day, five year old Keri was playing carefreely with her beloved mother, enjoying their mommy daughter day at the park near their house in Star City. After about 15 minutes of playing under the shade of some oak trees, her mother, Marissa, had a phone call and left the picnic basket to answer the phone. Keri then continued to play with her doll, and when she looked up to see if her mother was coming back or not, she was gone. A sudden wave of panic hit Keri, as she started to feel scared. She hugged her doll tightly as she began to slowly stand up and start to walk around to try and look for her mom. All of a sudden, someone had grabbed Keri and knocked her out.

Four days later, Keri woke up in the hospital with cuts, bruises, and received information that her mother was murdered by the people who had kidnapped them. The police and the FBI were involved. While eating soup, Keri overheard the chief of police talking to her father, David, about the situation. It turned out that he was the one that found them, but it wasn’t him who knocked out the bad guys. It was Keri. The chief of police then continued to explain that the people who had kidnapped Keri and her mother were people who were trying to inject a gene to create a telepathic metahuman.

*Sample rp*:

Keri was on her way home from school. Her father was driving her home, which was the usual. Keri sighed softly, resting her head against the window, feeling the coolness calm her busy thoughts. If he found out that she was using her powers, or in her father’s case, her misfortunes, more, he was going to have a fit with her. She had been trying to hone them to ensure that they don’t go haywire on her during a mental breakdown. But what if she could do more with it? Maybe help people? Keri sighed again. That was completely ridiculous… how could she help others of she could barely help herself. Keri closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep, the only time where she could envision, feel, converse, and smell her mother.  

Notes: Birthday: January 1, 1998

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Keri Pierce  Empty Re: Keri Pierce

Post by Vigilante on Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:08 pm



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