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A Bat in Jump City (First Event Announcement)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:48 pm by Vigilante


Various eyewitnesses last night experienced telepathic messages from the web mainframe announcing the re-opening of the Titans Tower. Rumors have it that the internet vigilante known as Athena and the crime-fighter batman are behind this communication. The honorable HIVE Mayor Baran Flinnders has been contacted on this issue and will release a statement to the press sometimes today!

This is reporter Ned Black keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in this developing story.

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A Letter From Your Admin

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A Letter From Your Admin Empty A Letter From Your Admin

Post by Zanna on Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:37 pm

Welcome to the Young Justice RP!

I am the head administrator of the site ready to undertake a new adventure in role-playing, which is to head a site of my own with its own theme and rules. You may be asking yourself why I am so excited to get this thing going. Well, the simple answer is that I feel that my staff and I have the capability and drive to run a successful fun site without the usual sluggishness of text role-plays.  Before I sound like a pessimist, let me be clear, role-plays at their core have all the essential elements of an enjoyable fictional experience. Just running through enemy NPC’s while flaunting your new superpower that you have worked hours on to conjure up and put on paper can be exhilarating.  

Over time, however, RP’s can slowly die down in interest and even the most inspired writers can fall prey to the domino effect of no activity from other players happening. No one likes to play by themselves! Role-playing is both a social experience and an individual experience and it’s hard to have one without the other.
From my experiences and adventures, I have noticed two main problems which lead to the eventual inactivity of RP’s. First, there needs to be consistent activity and participation from both moderators and regular role-players. If only moderators are contributing, then there will be a lack of community to really form the world and story into something unique. If only the role-players are regularly contributing, then there often is a lack of overall story structure and direction with many of the players feeling like their character isn't achieving anything in the grand scheme of things. The second problem is that there is often an imbalance between creativity and originality. Whatever series or concept the RP is based off, the overall theme and atmosphere should stay true to that original concept so as to not go astray into something else entirely with only the name as a reminder of what it once was. At the same time, unique characters and story lines add to the charm of a role-play.

These, of course, are all just dreams until they truly come into fruition. The rest is up to you. How will you change this world of both old and new legends of the DC universe? I wish you all good luck in figuring out what works best for you in interacting with the role-play and its elements as the world expands. See you there!


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