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A Bat in Jump City (First Event Announcement)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:48 pm by Vigilante


Various eyewitnesses last night experienced telepathic messages from the web mainframe announcing the re-opening of the Titans Tower. Rumors have it that the internet vigilante known as Athena and the crime-fighter batman are behind this communication. The honorable HIVE Mayor Baran Flinnders has been contacted on this issue and will release a statement to the press sometimes today!

This is reporter Ned Black keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in this developing story.

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Blackout(Wip) Empty Blackout(Wip)

Post by Blackout on Tue Mar 17, 2015 2:33 am

Wanda Kacela Martins
"I want to be a better person, I wanna know the master plan, Cast your stones Cast your Judgments, you don't make me who I am

Blackout(Wip) Large


Full Name: Wanda Kacela Martins
Nickname(s): Kacey
Codename: Blackout
Age: 19
Classification: Gunslinger, Neutral
Affiliation: None at present


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grassy Green
Gender Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 134 lbs
Other Traits: Giving her small stature, Kacey is still a rather fit and healthy girl. She keeps her hair pinned in several places to make it look somewhat spiked, though untended it ends with the longest parts covering just past her ears and touching her shoulders. She's partially blind so wears dark purple rimmed glasses in order to help her see, as well she is rather good looking, being free from acne but she has a birth mark is the shape of a small knife on her left arm and she has the the words, "You don't make me who I am" tattooed going down her right arm the shoulder to her elbow in a type of spiral. The other tattoo she has is a celtic cross on the underside of her right arm with the bottom stopping at the wrist where her hand starts. She has a faint scar under her left eye that is barely noticeable, the scar being the mark to show how she became partially blind.


*Powers*: Kacey has no specific power so to speak

Skills: Her skills on the other hand include being versed in English, Gallic and Italian and being a top notch marksmen. Her skill with guns is not to the point that they'd be warranted as a super power but more like a skill that she learned early on and has refined to being near super human. With that same talent, she's a decent gun smith, having built her own personalized guns, And a decent enough blacksmith to be able to forge small daggers, dirks, and knives.

*Weaknesses* (have to have at least one main weakness) : Being that's she's only human, Being human is her weakness. But if I have to be specific it'd be her blindness, while only partially she was told that if anything further happened to her eyes she'd lose her ability to see forever.

Weapons/ Equipment: Her own special made Colt 1861 Navy Revolvers
Blackout(Wip) Dsc_1450.jpg_thumbnail0

These are her main guns that she carries at all times, any other equipment she carries is based on what she may be doing and is therefore unclear. She does however consistently where a Ranger's clock, completely Black to which her name Blackout was given to her she normally keeps her hood drawn.






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Place of Origin:
*Sample rp*:

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