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A Bat in Jump City (First Event Announcement)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:48 pm by Vigilante


Various eyewitnesses last night experienced telepathic messages from the web mainframe announcing the re-opening of the Titans Tower. Rumors have it that the internet vigilante known as Athena and the crime-fighter batman are behind this communication. The honorable HIVE Mayor Baran Flinnders has been contacted on this issue and will release a statement to the press sometimes today!

This is reporter Ned Black keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in this developing story.

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Asher Allen

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Asher Allen Empty Asher Allen

Post by VolgSKG on Tue Mar 10, 2015 3:31 pm

Van-Rao : Asher Allen
Asher Allen Original__Tu_sabes____by_terrasalamander

Full Name:  Van-Rao : Asher Allen
Nickname(s):  Ash, Van
Codename: Superman (eventually)
Age: 18
Classification: Alien/ Meta Human
Affiliation:  Neutral  Good
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: brown
Gender : Male
Height: 6’4
Weight: 225
Other Traits:
Physical description (clothes):  Wears a tight fitting plain white tee, a dark colored jacket ranging from a green to a black depending on his mood. Usually can be seen wearing jeans that can very between the regular blue, to darker colors like black.
Costume: N/A
Physical Description: Asher has a full head of red hair, unkept most if not all of the time. He has brown eyes that border on matching his already red hair. He has an athletic build and a very well defined set of muscles. He is putting on muscle mass as of late, but nothing to the point where he loses flexibility.
Solar Battery
As a Kryptonian, Van-Rao possesses the ability to absorb the solar energy from yellow stars. His Kryptonian body is constantly absorbing and storing energy from Earth's yellow sun (allowing him to retain energy under roofed structures and even at night) which in turn grants him incredible powers, including superhuman strength, enhanced senses, impenetrable skin, and the ability to defy gravity.

Van-Rao has the ability to physically lift impossibly massive amounts of weight. Van-Rao's strength easily surpasses the Class 100 strength level (this is the ability to lift over 100 tons under normal conditions) which is the ability to lift in excess of 100 tons with absolutely no effort at all, and has no known limit. Van-Rao's strength is aided in lifting/supporting the most massive objects--especially when flying--by the bio-electric force field his body produces.
Current strength maximum: 25 tons,

Van-Rao has the ability to move and fly incredibly fast. He shows the ability to achieve speeds faster than light. His exact limit is unknown, but he is not as fast as the Flash. He has flown to the Moon in less than two minutes as well as flying to the Sun in less than 8 minutes which is how long light takes to travel from the Earth to the sun, demonstrating that Van-Rao is capable of traveling at faster than light speeds.
Current Speed maximum: 500 mph, fast enough to dodge bullets, fly as fast as most commercial airplanes.

Vision/Optic Powers
Van-Rao is able to see over great distances and perceive even the smallest of objects. This vision also allows him to see through the atomic structure of an object, though he is unable to see through lead.
Van-Rao’s physiology can convert stored solar energy into beams of highly concentrated thermal energy which can reach temperatures comparable to those produced by stars. The two beams of energy which are released from his eyes are bright red in color, but at lower temperatures can be made invisible, allowing him to work undetected.
X-ray vision: enabled
Heat Vision max temperature:  6,000 degrees F, (welding torch/cutting torch)

Super Hearing
Van-Rao has the super human ability to hear all sounds at any volume or pitch and across any distance, presumably as long as there is atmosphere to carry the sonic vibrations.

Super Stamina
Van-Rao’s Kryptonian physiology allows him exert himself to physical peak for an undetermined amount of time. When Van-Rao is under a star with a yellow spectrum he is constantly replenishing his solar reserves. When Van-Rao is under a G type dwarf star with a yellow spectrum his solar energies are constantly being replenished

Invulnerability refers to the ability held by Kryptonians and other super beings to be able to withstand incredible amounts of physical harm without taking any damage.
Van-Rao at this current moment still retains a good deal of his invulnerability, attacks that could kill most humans do little to no damage at all. He can survive extreme temperatures, small to high caliber weapon fire, and short to medium ranged missile attacks.

While Van-Rao's body is charged with solar energy he is able to emit a gravitational field that enables him to defy gravity. Van-Rao has extreme mobility while he is in flight allowing him to fight, change course, and also carry great weights. While in Earth's atmosphere Van-Rao is able to move at supersonic speed; while in space, he can move at superluminal speeds. Van-Rao tends to avoid moving at FTL speeds while in a planet’s atmosphere so that he does not harm the area around him. Van-Rao has been seen flying from the Earth to the moon in mere seconds.
Max Flight speed: 500 mph

Super Breath / Freeze Breath
Van-Rao has the ability to suck in a large amount of air into his lungs and either hold it within him for a long period of time or create strong forces of wind with it. Van-Rao also has the ability to freeze his enemies using his breath. He is able to control the temperature with which he expels this power. Van-Rao's ability to chill the large intake of air comes from his lungs compressing the inhaled air and then upon its exhalation, the sudden increase in the volume of gas causes its temperature to drop dramatically.
Super breath: locked
Freeze breath: locked

Van-Rao is still a mortal and is, as such, still as vulnerable to the workings of magic, in all its forms, as anyone else.

Van-Rao is still a mortal and is, as such, still as vulnerable to psychic attack, in all its forms, as anyone else.

When Krypton exploded, its fragments crossed through a radiation belt that irradiated them, making the rocks extremely toxic to anyone with Kryptonian physiology, but mostly harmless to anyone else. The mineral causes Van-Rao to lose his powers and experience extraordinary pain and eventually death. If from suffering Kryptonite poisoning, he can recover if he gets away from the Kryptonite and exposes himself to yellow sun radiation, thus fueling his healing factor. Kryptonite has been known to cause harm such as cancer to humans after prolonged exposure to its radiation.

Van-Rao cannot see through lead thus blocking all of his vision powers. Lead is also known to protect Van-Rao from Kryptonite radiation.

Red Sun Radiation
Van-Rao is weakened when exposed to red solar energy similar to that of his home planet's sun, Rao. Van-Rao will lose his Kryptonian abilities when exposed to red sun energy and must be recharged by yellow sun energy in order to regain them.

Magical limiter
For reasons unknown, Van-Rao’s kryptonian powers have been limited to the extreme, making him incapable of reaching his full potential at this point in time in exception to extreme emotional/ life threatening situations.  
Essentially, think of him as superboy from YJ
Equipment: N/A

Personality: Asher is an easy going individual, he doesn’t let outside forces dictate how he reacts to the world. He is extremely slow to anger, and even less prone to rage. While he is a social person, he tends to isolate himself from others, letting people get close but to only a certain extent. He is a friendly guy who is not prone to conflict or violence with others.
His behavior can range from being extremely lazy to being a responsible individual, and he knows when each one is appropriate for the situation. He was raised to be a good person, which gives him an incredibly strong sense of morality that can at times blur the lines between the letter of the law and what is right in his own mind. This also makes him a terrible liar, but one that can skirt around the truth when needed.  He is a loyal friend, perhaps to a fault. He believes in second chances and giving people the benefit of the doubt even if it comes across as naïve.
Asher does not act in a way that would shame his parents, meaning he is generally a good guy and doesn’t act take the easy way out or exploit others for personal gain. He is respectful and serious at times around those he doesn’t know, but can also be goofy around close friends.

Does extremely well with all animals
Excellent horseman
Bull Rider
Basic repairman
Average farmer/rancher

Former hunter
Former bull rider
Zoology, Biology
Offroad, ATV, motorbike,

Family Members:  
Saul Allen-adoptive father (deceased),
Samantha Allen- adoptive mother (deceased),
Kor-Rao- Biological Father (deceased),
Linz-Rap- Biological mother (deceased).
Further information unavailable…

Place of Origin: Krypton : Midland, Texas USA

Saul Allen was a successful rancher in the small town of Midland Texas, not only were his cattle highly sought after for breeding stock, but he also made a tidy sum off the royalties from oil rigs that marred his family land. He soon married his High-school sweetheart Samantha and sought to start his own family. Unfortunately, tragedy struck,  and a car accident robbed Samantha of her ability to have children.

Greif stricken after the recovery, the couple returned home. Only to find a strange package upon their doorstep, A baby boy, wrapped in a purple blanket. Seeing this as a sign, the couple decided to keep the boy and raise him as their own, naming him Asher after Saul’s grandfather.
Asher was raised as a normal child, basically indistinguishable from any other despite his abnormal red hair despite his lineage. He was exceptionally healthy for a child, never once getting sick nor breaking any bones much to the relief of his adoptive parents. Years passed in this way, everything passing as status quo until Asher was 15.

The fall of the Justice League did not happen overnight, and its effects were far reaching even in its early stages. Over the course of a year, with combined attacks from Braniac, Sinestro, Lex Luthor and assorted other villains, picked away at the league one by one. Earth soon became a war zone, as the villains power grew and the heroes waned. Even the Green lantern corps involved itself only to falter and fade.
One of the last great battles that took place near the end of the war claimed one of Earths greatest hero’s, Superman, brought down by a combined assault by Lex Luthor and Professor Zoom.

Asher’s family did not survive the war, the resulting crime wave from Superman’s death claimed thousands of lives, innocent people taken down by thugs who no longer feared justice. Asher’s family was just one of many. Then, one day the war was over it was as if every villain on the planet had disappeared overnight. No one could explain it, and even still it is a mystery today.

However, following the death of Superman, Asher’s powers began to quickly manifest themselves. His Kryptonian powers were too much for him to suddenly control, and he increasingly isolated himself further from friends and the rest of society to protect them from himself. He does not know anything about his own origins, but the similarities to Superman are clear.

Over the course of three years, he has gained a much better grasp of himself than he had when his powers first originated, but it is a daily challenge for him to focus on being careful, as he now lives in a world where everything is seemingly made of glass.

*Sample rp*:
From the edge of space, Krypton seemed as peaceful as any other planet orbiting the great red dwarf star, Rao. Redgold blooms as large as the city sprawls themselves sparked to life across the planet’s surface, only to dissipate and then return once more moments later.  Jagged lines of arching fire crisscrossed the broken terrain. Covering empty plains, oceans, and heavily populated city centers. The planet gave off a dull red glow, illuminating its surrounding space with a red gloom, serving to light even a single man standing silently in low orbit.

He wore a black trench coat that fluttered silently in the zero gravity environment, red light reflecting off a necklace made of silver coins that lay partially hidden about his neck. He wore a casual suit with dark colors, a black tie floating  beneath his exposed necklace.  Even while being framed with light from below, the man had a gaunt look about him, shadows played about the top half of his face beneath his wide brimmed hat, his eyes white, devoid of pupils and glowed with a mystical light.

The planet below him was in its death throes, a world’s silent scream echoed through the cosmos as its core imploded on itself, partially the cause of unstable elements at its core, and the Kryptonian’s attempt to harness the energy that powered the planet itself.  The planets doom had been inevitable, but its inhabitants had only hastened its destruction.

It was within his power to fix this blighted world, with a wave of his hands he could heal the planet, close the wounds that scarred its surface… but despite what he may have wanted, he couldn’t.  He was forbidden to interfere with the course of history.  However, he would be able to prolong its destruction for as long as his current errand would last.

Beside him, stuck in space and time as he surveyed the dying planet was a small rocket, a glass case on its side showing the stars what it carried away from destruction. A baby, wrapped in a red and blue blanket and secured with a yellow shield, a red ‘S’ running through it…

The stranger gave a hint of a smile as he looked at the ship and its cargo, Earth’s greatest hero saved by the love of his parents, sent into the void of space with an uncertain future… but with the hope their child would find a new home among the stars. The moment faded, what was nostalgia for him had yet to happen and he had business to attend to yet.

One moment, he was standing in space, the next he was on solid ground. The world around him was frozen in time, as he had intended it. The courtyard in which he stood had been retrofitted as a launch site, powerlines and wires coiled endlessly about the space as the palace began to fall, stone pillars were in the midst of crumbling, walls were collapsing, and frozen within the moment. The stranger had landed within the domicile of the house of EL, he knew where he was, just as he knew where he was going, and where all things were headed in both past and future.
A man and a woman, both dressed in traditionally kryptonian garb black bodysuits with red and yellow raiment, watching the rocket trail disappear into the red sky, the trail dissolving with the gusts of wind that followed.. They stood still momentarily, before he allowed them to join him in his frozen world. The two looked at each other and back around, bewildered but both of their eyes eventually settled on the man before them.  The man had an air of authority, a quiet calm. As startled as he was, he maintained his composure almost naturally. His wife was just as composed herself, in her way. It was a sin to take these last few moments from them, to rob them of their final moments and the calm finality of the realization that they were both going to die.

The two were about to speak before he beat them to it, while his powers were vast and strange, they were neither limitless or without cost.  This was a detour, a chance to pay homage to a legend,

“Do not waste the time I have given you with questions on how and why. I cannot save you or your planet. What I can do… is this.” The Stranger said, an orb appearing before the couple an image of their son appearing before them.

“A gift… freely given to the family of one of the greatest men my planet will ever know.  Understand that he lived and loved on his new home and became its greatest defender. Earth will forever remember the child that came from the stars.”

The stranger did not leave time for questions, nor for thanks.  Both Lara and Jor-El would be able to see their son grow up within the sphere, see his greatest triumphs and know that they had succeeded.  Without a word, he left the couple with the images of their son and disappeared once more.
The raised walkways of Krypton’s citites were a sight to behold, even with the picture of chaos that was presented to him. He walked quickly, he had little time remaining and the lenience he had been shown up to this point would soon be gone.  The city itself was aflame, futuristic vehicles had crashed against the buildings around them, the frozen-flame playing at the massive spires holding the buildings far above the ground. Utter destruction that would only take place over several seconds now seemed to simply last as he made his way through the frozen throngs of kryptonian’s, he was close to his objective now,  and he was eager to leave this place once and for all.

He came upon a scene, two dead kryptonian’s huddled around a small purple bundle, a baby that was in mid cry. Reaching down, The Stranger picked up the bundle and stroked its cheek, bringing the baby back from its stasis.  Its cries echoed in the silence of the destruction around them, but as the phantom stranger looked at the boy and smiled, the cries came to a stop.

“Hush now little one…” The Stranger said, adjusting the babies position in his arms.  He needed to make sure that the boy would live on his new home, unaffected by the powers that were his birth right. He would need to know what it was to be human before he received powers reserved only for living gods.
With that, the stranger disappeared for the final time, away from the end of Krypton.


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Asher Allen Empty Re: Asher Allen

Post by Vigilante on Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:52 pm


I trust that you'll pm me before all else to approve any unlocks to his potential. Enjoy the game.


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