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A Bat in Jump City (First Event Announcement)

Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:48 pm by Vigilante


Various eyewitnesses last night experienced telepathic messages from the web mainframe announcing the re-opening of the Titans Tower. Rumors have it that the internet vigilante known as Athena and the crime-fighter batman are behind this communication. The honorable HIVE Mayor Baran Flinnders has been contacted on this issue and will release a statement to the press sometimes today!

This is reporter Ned Black keeping you up to date with all of the latest news in this developing story.

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The Swordsmaster

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The Swordsmaster Empty The Swordsmaster

Post by Shade on Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:16 am

Darren Cross

The Swordsmaster Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6PVoB3bi_XAdNpUrcwketzRzXfeqjCAQCy8ZisB3ME0ah5M8O


Full Name: Darren Cross
Nickname(s): that kid with a sword, ninja dude , New Guy, the jokster swordsman
Codename: Swordsmaster
Age: 16
Classification: Meta-Human
Affiliation: good


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Gender Male
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 165
Other Traits:
Darren has brown hair which he never seems to style, instead simply throwing water on it in the morning to keep the cowlicks down. He has light blue eyes that look as if they’d been plucked right from the sky and two scars that go across his back from when he was living on the streets back in Australia. The boy is not your average run of the mill kid either, just looking at him a person can see he’s peppy and happy, ready to go do something at a moment’s notice. Mainly because he is ready to do something, anything, and everything all at once if given the chance. He never slouches and always appears to be the happiest man alive even when things start to get rough he’ll keep that happy go lucky appearance and stance.

Darren has an athletic build, like that of a swimmer. He isn’t what you would call super muscular but you would be hard pressed to find fat on his body, as he has toned most of it into muscle. Which is surprising with how much the boy can eat.



Powers of the 'Mind'
Hyperkinetics: Darren's mind is perfectly in tune with the rest of his body allowing for flawless aim, perfect balance and enhanced motor skills. Essentially he is able to throw an object with incredible accuracy and with enough force that at times it can be lethal, this also carries over to any projectile he fires with a gun or bow. As for his Balance unless acted upon by an outside force that is stronger than he is Darren will not fall down or even teeter one way or the other, when he does fall he would of course land on his feet like a cat. His motor skills are nearly flawless and he can preform any action without hitch.Under stress his aim, balance, and motor skills can worsen. Under enough stress they can even become worse than that of a normal person.

Adaptive Muscle Mimicry: Darren has adaptive muscle mimicry which enables him to watch another person’s physical movements and duplicate them without practice, no matter how complex. This is limited to non-superhuman abilities though so no copying powers or the like as this power is not Power Mimicry.

Since he is duplicating the action exactly he picks up any flaws in the persons movement as well until he has done said action enough times to sort of "make it his own", which can either get rid of their flaws, or add his own, or both.

Physical Abilities
Darren has a Superhuman Reaction Time able to dodge a multitude of bullets at a time,to him it seems as if the rest of the world moves slower while he moves faster. This also might be attributed to the fact that the 'kid' has a sever case of ADHD but his reaction time has been proved time and time again to be legit.

Added to this Darren has low levels of Superhuman Speed, Strength, and Durability. He is able to lift up to 3 tons, he is physically tougher than a person is usually capable of becoming, has greater stamina and more resilient. Things like bullets and knives do only little damage to him, and he is able of running up to speeds of eight hundred miles per hour. From the few tests he has been under while at hospitals and during his time at the orphanage his physical abilities are attributed to his first ability of Hyperkinetics.

Darren has learned and ‘mastered’ most forms of combat with a sword and he is an expert at some without a sword due to his three year period spent learning only sword fighting. His 'main' Sword Fighting Techniques are (all though he does know more these are the ones he will usually be seen using can switch from one to one and even integrate them with ease): German School of Fencing, Company of Masters, T'ai chi ch'uan/Taijijian,Fu Style Wudang Quan, and Kenjutsu.

*Weaknesses* (have to have at least one main weakness) :
Having lived on the streets since the age of ten Darren only has school teachings taught to him at an orphanage up until the age of ten. Therefore he is not in any sense of the word book smart, thus making him struggle in anything harder than basic math, reading, and writing. In all honesty it is probably even worse than most children had up to that point because of his severe case of ADHD making focusing for him harder than it should have been. As well as that the young man also cannot drive a car, and although not a major weakness he himself finds it to be one as he doesn’t think he’ll ever succeed in passing a driver’s test what with being an ‘illegal immigrant’ and all of that lovely stuff.

Darren is color blind, having Deuteranopia he is unable to distinguish red and green colorings as they both appear to look the same to him. It is a color vision deficiency in which the green retinal photoreceptors are absent, moderately affecting red–green hue discrimination. It is a form of dichromatism in which there are only two cone pigments present.

Weapons/ Equipment:
Darren has what he calls his 'super hero suit' he wears when out doing his hero business. It consists of armor that is mostly made of leather and is lightweight making it easier for him to move around his opponent preferring speed to brute strength. The armor does cover his entire body though complete with a hood, making it look as though he is some sort of white and orange thief, which he of course finds quite amusing.  Darren also has a sword that he happened to find while running amuck in Australia. When he found it, it was very dull so he took it to a sword shop where he himself fixed up the blade, giving it a nicer shine and much nicer cut. The Sword is sheathed on Darren’s right site when he is in ‘costume’ and he also has hidden daggers that are placed under both his right and left hands, underneath the sleeves of his hoodie. These daggers are spring loaded to pop out of the wrists on Darren's costume when needed. They are made from normal daggers and modified to work secretly and silently, used as last ditch efforts in close quarters combat.

He also has a blue back-bag that he carries everything inside of with him. Oh and the only clothing he owns to his name is the costume, underwear, tan shorts, and shoes.


Like all Hyperkinetic's Darren tends to have a deep mistrust in authority and typically resist seeking help with emotional and physiological problems.

Darren is a smart, funny, and resourceful person doing all this, 'hero work' simply because he finds it fun. He loves to learn new things, make jokes and get 'smooth ' with the ladies but he is completely oblivious when it comes to that subject and do simply messes up and is laughed at. Though all that aside from his life on the street and intense training and learning with his powers he is honest and honorable. Though he likes to tell himself he is the greatest hero the world has ever seen he is only in this for the fun of it and thrill of running across rooftops stopping the 'bad guys'.

Though Darren may at times keep to himself, usually when under a great deal of stress or thinking, he is very talkative. He loves animals and nature, though he is not a vegetarian and loves to eat meat. He believes that there is good in all of us even if it's deep down, because of this he will try to bring it out and make the person see this as well. He is a defender of the week and the poor, he hates to see those who are not as well off as others beaten or abused just because they can't either defend their selves or don't have the money to do things that normal people can do.

Swordsmanship is perhaps the greatest strength Darren has, he is what one could consider a swords master and can hold his own with the best of the best. He is also a happy-go-lucky person who just seems to give off an aura that seems to make everyone happier, he’s able to light up the room with a joke and always ready to make someone laugh. When he gets serious however, and that is a very unlikely thing to see, Darren has quite the knack for being a natural born leader and excels at leading others to victory in whatever it is that is going on.

ADHD the young man literally cannot sit still for more than a couple of seconds and always seems to having something else on his mind. In most cases of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder you hear of cases where even the smallest of things distract the poor soul who has the disorder. In Darren’s case this is true times about ten; from falling leaves to butterflies to even something happening somewhere twenty feet away he’s more interested in what’s going on elsewhere than around him. He cannot stay focused on one thing for more than five seconds and is always moving from this to that, brain constantly dragging him away to look at this, to look at that, or talk about random unrelated things for minutes on end until he’s wandered so far from the original purpose he’s not even sure who he’s talking to anymore. When he gets going nothing in this world besides a nice clonk to the back of the head will get him to stop, or a few shouts in his ear. The only time he is not moving and is anywhere near what could be described as peaceful is when he is sleeping or knocked out. Otherwise you are going to be dealing with one hyper Australian.

Personal space much? Darren doesn’t have too great a grasp on the accepted value of personal space and tends to find his way squeezing into what others would determine uncomfortable time and time again. Being raised in an orphanage of over a hundred kids and then living on the streets for three years in a children’s gang and then by yourself three more years kind of washes away the concept of how close to someone is acceptable or not.

Women, in the sense that whenever he’s around them him his brain turns to mush. The poor boy still can’t seem to figure out how females work and why he can never seem to get anything more than a couple sentences or gargled crap out when he speaks. Okay so no it isn’t that bad but whenever he is around a girl or girls his brain just stops working and instead whatever he thinks or whatever he wants to think just kind of comes out. There is no censor at all at this point he blabs all the way to hell and back, usually embarrassing himself and those around him. This wouldn’t be that bad if he wasn’t constantly trying to flirt with girls.

Darren’s sense of right and wrong is a bit cartoonish. To him there is no grey area there is no in-between, you are either good or bad and because of this outlook on life he judges people the same way. This can be a tad harsh but also makes him pretty closed minded in regards to difficult decisions other people make and doesn’t allow him to understand the reasoning behind it. If he views you as good then he’ll be more inclined to trust you and be friends with you, if he thinks you’re ‘evil’ or bad chances are you won’t be getting that second chance.

What doesn’t Darren like would be a better question to ask. He likes food, swords, cars, girls, doing the right thing, saving people. Hell there isn’t much he doesn’t like as long as he tries it at least once, whether it be some type of food, a genre of music, a sport, or even something as obscure as playing chicken in front of a train. As long as he gets some sort of thrill out of it he’s going to like it more likely than not.


Family Members: N/A
Place of Origin: Sydney, Australia

Darren is your average kid he grew up loving movies, sports, cartoons and all that jazz. Only difference is Darren grew up in an orphanage in Australia having no clue whom his parents were. In the orphanage he had some friends but none ever stayed long always being adopted and tone before they could become too close. It seemed as if fate simply wanted to play with his emotions for life as he would always just start to become good friends with someone before they were whisked away. But that never seemed to stop him at thirteen him and a girl he was slowly falling for, but did not know it at the time, ran off to start their own life thinking they'd never be adopted.

As the pre-teen made it to the streets he and Lauren, the girl whom he left with, slowly but surely lent toward the small life of crime as they tried to survive on their own. It started out as only petty shop lifting, some purse stealing here and there and things such as that, but nothing was ever serious crimes even when they joined a small gang the next year. At the ripe young age of fourteen Lauren had her virginity stolen from her by a rival gang and turned to her best friend with the news. This infused Darren's wrath, and along with being struck by lightning and some 'magic', triggered his dormant meta-human genes gaining superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, adaptive muscle mimicry, and hyperkinetics. This ‘magic lightning’ was really normal lighting, Darren had the powers sense birth but this revelation and harm that was brought to him is when the boy first realized he had powers. Exerting himself he mastered most, if not all, forms of combat with a sword and was about to take out the gang only to see what Darren deemed a 'caveman', although later reports that the boy chose to ignore showed that the 'caveman' was simply a very hairy superhuman with super human strength and durability, there beating them to a pulp for reasons unknown to him. (Those same reports told the man did so because he was in fact mentally unstable and had no self control over his actions. Great Idol, right?)

This of course surprised fifteen year old Darren Cross but intrigued him as well. When he returned to his 'home' to bring the news to his 'family' and new girlfriend, Lauren, he found them all dead with bullet holes and knife marks through their bodies . Confused, saddened and distraught by the scene he fled Australia to become a hero like the 'caveman' he saw earlier that day. If only because he believed the group who killed his ‘family’ to be the same group that he had been killed only recently. Though traumatized by the former event he knew by becoming a hero he could prevent deaths and rapes like the ones he's seen in his short life. So taking his trusty sword and a couple daggers he stowed away on a ship and fled to America to start his new life as The Swordsmaster the newest hero to hit the streets of America.

*Sample rp*:
Eyes slowly opening a hand reached up to a hair of fluffy brown hair scratching the skull that was underneath it. A yawn escaped the mouth of the boy whom it belonged to and said mouth was quickly covered as the teenager wasn’t quite sure if anyone was around to hear it. He knew he had to be quiet or he would be found out and that certainly wasn’t on this young man’s to do list. Darren Cross was the stowaway on a ship heading out from Australia to America, where in America he didn’t know but that was something he intended to find out. Hidden behind and in between boxes he tried to duck his head down even further upon hearing voices getting closer to where he was hiding.

It wasn’t until they were almost upon him that he realized just what they were talking about as they started moving things. They were getting closer to land, and American land at that after nearly a month of waiting and hiding Darren grinned jumping up from his hiding place. The stunned crew men didn’t even have time to fully react before he dashed from his hiding spot onto to the ship deck with his sword, daggers, and extra clothes all in his waterproof backpack he kind of stole from back home. Standing in the middle of the boat Darren zipped up the back as much as he can, sword handle sticking out the top though, and whistled as he took in his first site of the beach that was before them. Sure, it probably wasn’t the port or whatever the boat was heading but it was certainly going to be Darren’s destination now.

After a few moments of him standing there the rest of the crew finally realized that Darren was not only a stowaway but was standing in the middle of their ship. As they ran after him Darren waved and took off dashing to the edge of the boat where he jumped over yelling as he went. “Thanks for the ride mates! I’ll pay you pack someday!” Well at least that is what he believed he said, to the people on the ship it was probably something more along the lines of ‘wooooo hooooo! Yippe! Or Ahhhhh!’ After a second or two Darren splashed down into the water below. He wasn’t sure where he was in America or how far the beach was but Darren didn’t care. He was going to become the greatest Hero America had ever seen!

After a few minutes he finally made it to shore, pulling himself up onto the beach where he took off his book-bag and t-shirt. Ringing out the thing he plopped down on the sand beneath him, lying down. The afternoon sun beating down on his face he placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. Sure, he should go run around and find out where he was then go off to save the city or something but Darren didn’t quite feel like doing it just yet. Who knew though the day wasn’t over just yet and he was pretty sure something was going to happen soon anyway. “Ahhh, America sun is nice…not as warm as Australian though…” He mumbled to himself in his Australian accent.

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The Swordsmaster Empty Re: The Swordsmaster

Post by Zanna on Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:52 am

You brought in Darren!! Yes!! <3

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